position assignment

position. composition. placement.

take any basic photography class and inevitably your instructor will mention the “rule of thirds.” the rule of thirds is a compositional technique that can help to create a sense of balance and make photos more interesting. whether or not you choose to follow the rule of thirds is up to you but there is no denying that where you choose to position or place the subject of your image has a dramatic effect on the impact, interpretation and overall feeling of your work.

the assignment:

explore position, composition and placement.


take one photo and crop it different ways and notice the change in mood and movement.

choose a subject and play with positioning your subject in the center of one shot, in the upper right corner of the next, at the very top, at the very bottom…etc.

compose a series of various postions.

your collection should reflect an attempt answer to the question
how does position effect my work?


share your masterpieces inspired by this assignment!
please submit completed assignments via email: adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com


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