assortment of mail. assembly of art.

2o things assortment painted

adventureclubviral’s assortment of mail

collage in pieces

theStephALA’s assortment of mail

unless you are a child or are expecting something specific, it’s unlikely that you look forward to retrieving mail from your mailbox (the real mailbox, the one filled with real paper, that has a flag… remember?)  the walk to the mailbox has likely become little more than an exercise in recycling.

adventureclubinteractive creators, adventureclubviral and theStephALA, send letters to each other frequently and look forward to collecting their mail. last week they conducted an experiment in “junk” mail. they sent “junk” mail to each other- each an envelope filled with 20 random, envelope sized items. the goal was to create something artful, using all 2o items each received. the adventure attempts to show that the random stuff of real mailboxes may in fact still be worth taking a second look at. the random stuff just might be worth recycling… creatively.

adventureclubviral’s assembly of art
20 random things –> bubble wrap-cushioned envelope on recycled collage paper finished with a trinket adorned ribbon

collage finished

theStephALA’s assembly of art
2o random things –> self standing collage, looking in, out and up


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