pose assignment


what is a pose?

is it a pause? does striking a pose imply suspending a posture?
does it have to stay still?
is it pretend? does a pose have to be contrived or can it be candid?
does it require forethought?
is it a partnership? does a pose require both artist and subject?
does it need practice?
is it a technique? is it a proclivity? is it a perspective?

the assignment:

photograph the ridiculous or the hilarious, the insane or profane.
photograph what’s delicate or elegant, what’s unique or arcane.
pose for yourself, pose for others, prompt others to pose for you.
photograph different people- in one common pose.
photograph one person differently- in uncommon poses.
adventure. adventure. adventure.

compose a series of pose photography.
your collection should reflect an attempt answer to the question
what is a pose?


share your masterpieces inspired by this assignment!
please submit completed assignments via email: adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com


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