1,001 nights… 2.

1,001 seconds passed as slow as 1,001 years. i felt my stomache drop ten stories and the blood began to rush out of my head. i was losing my cool. i could hear Anton faintly as if he were on the other side of a wall, “dude, be cool, just breath and be cool…” but i was as far away from cool as las cruces, new mexico, where Layla and i had met three years prior.

i had been living there at the time. well i suppose we both had been living there, but separately, unaware of each other until one day my lady walked through my office door. she came to me for help, “hypnosis: the final frontier of therapy” she had said, not believing at all in the power of the subconscious mind. after our fourth session she asked me out. yeah, that’s right, she asked me to join her for a cup of coffee at “buzz”, the coffee shop around the corner from my office. i pushed my ethics aside and accepted the invitation. it’s damn near impossible to say no to a beautiful woman, and now three years later there i was on a corner of the east village watching my ethics bite me in the ass.

i wonder if i’m still breathing. i can’t really tell but Anton is waving his arms at me and looking concerned. he slaps me across the face with such force that it brings me back to my senses. “sorry man, but i had to do it.” and Anton is right. he’s right about most things, or at least sees things from a different perspective.

i gather my wits and ruffle my feathers and Anton gives me nod and pounds his chest. we both take a deep breath and step out into the road to cross the street and find out just what the hell is going on when a choir of horns, bicycle bells and screams stop us both in our tracks.


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