1,001 nights… I.

1,001 nights…or more, since i became a professional. and still, as a hynopist by day and a Normal person on most nights… i inevitably mix up the two characters of myself.

one particular friday night, i was in town as a Normal person. i was with my friend Anton- you know the one with the imagination– and we were walking tough down the east village streets and i was thinking, “east village has it all, man!” i was thinking this among all the funky people and the beggar people, little people, old people and all the rich-as-shit people. but  i was also thinking “all these fools! spiritually starved and mad, fools! all cross-eyed, boring, in-need-of-some magic, fools! i thought, “i’d hypnotize the devil out of you and you and you! i’d swing my pendulum between the empty eyes across your face! i’d put belief in that space in your mind that still has space to believe!”

and Anton- you know the creative one- he wasn’t looking everyone all up and down like me. he acts tough and he is tough and he’s always looking at everyone down his nose. so we were walking past the tea stalls and the silk shop and he stops me and he says, “no wait, man.” and he said it very seriously. i knew it was serious because i’ve hypnotized Anton probably 1,001 times and this man is a rock. hard to make him speak or react. hard to get anything out of him. he knows how to be Normal and not at the same time. he doesn’t mix them up real well and that’s hard. anyway, he stops me and is looking across the street. i looked across the street and we both see my lady, Layla. i was thinking, “the hypnotist just got hypnotized” and i couldn’t believe what i was seeing. Layla was standing all sweet next to another man.


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