winning the lottery #2: shoes. by- theStephALA

i know it is a complete cliche for a girl to write about her love of shoes.  i can’t help it.  i really do. love. shoes.

i live in a place where most of the most beautiful shoes that i own are highly impractical.  the style of dress is casual, western, mountainous.  the winter is long, the spring is mud, the summer is fleeting and the fall is non-existant.  i have boots, glorious boots!…but too beautiful to wear in the snow..and so many pairs of heels that i am afraid to count them.  do i wear them?  outside? honestly?  no.  but i do admire them every single day and sometimes i put them on and prance around the house.  nevertheless, when i win the lottery i will continue to buy:  shoes.

sadly (embarrassingly), i’m running out of room.  when i win the lottery, not only will i be able to buy all of the shoes that strike my fancy, i will build myself a custom shoe closet to showcase all of my collected masterpieces with room to spare!


this is one of my favorite pairs…

now you might be thinking… how petty!  how pathetic!  yes, i know it is.  people have real problems.  but we’re speculating about the lottery so there you go!  why not speculate in a spectacular fashion!?

just for fun…


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