winning the lottery #1. by- theStephALA

when i win the lottery, not if, but when, (i’m putting it out there into the universe), i will hire a private chef to cook all of my meals.  i like to eat healthy and clean, but that takes a lot of time and effort, sadly usually more time and effort than i am willing to put in…

when i hire my private chef i will be able to eat my raw + vegan + gluten free + soy free diet to my hearts content, without having to slave over my dehydrator and vitamix.  just think of what i will be able to do with all of my extra time!!!  instead of washing endless amounts of fruits and vegetables i’ll be painting with my watercolors.  instead of chopping pounds of apples, carrots and ginger to make one cup of juice i’ll be reading a book or maybe enjoying a self yoga practice.  instead of waiting overnight for my raw “cheese” to do whatever it needs to do to become “cheese”,  i’ll have my personal chef always keep raw cheese on hand! (or at least run to the nearest raw food restaurant and bring home a pizza…)

oh, the freedom that would come with a personal chef!  the time, the dietary control…i can taste it!



this is what i ate for dinner tonight.  i really don’t know how to cook much else, although i did attempt to make a kale and quinoa salad this evening, but it didn’t turn out so well.

personal chef, where are you?


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