the lottery assignment

the jackpot. the pot of gold. the fortune.
the fantasy.

if only” or “only if” then “what would i do when…”
 i win the lottery?

nobody has revealed themselves the winner of that $590 million dollars powerball ticket sold two weeks ago. residents of the small town in florida where the ticket was purchased are anxiously observing their neighbors.
who didn’t come into work on monday or who left on a sudden vacation? is it the case of a forgetful senior citizen and a missing ticket? or is there a waitress, carrying on with routine, while secretly consulting financial advisers and still absorbing the shock of a lifetime?

imagine winning the lottery. imagine a life of unlikely and sudden fortune.
would you remain anonymous, leaving your town to the wondering and whispering?
would you leave town? would you quit your job? would you travel?
would you share with family, friends, strangers, neighbors? would you donate or invest?
what would you purchase in the first hour, the first year and for the rest of your life?

the lottery assignment:

-share in writing. be descriptive, outrageous and imaginative. describe the fantastical, unique, and unbelievable adventures you would have if you won the lottery.

-share with photography. send pictures of the sparkling and dazzling things you could afford. share portraits of those you would share the wealth with. submit pictures that represent adventures you would have if you won the lottery.

-play the lottery this week. as the powerball saying goes, believe in something bigger.


please submit completed assignments via email:


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