culinary adventure- ginger saké. by- adventureclubviral


ginger saké

what is your drink? what is your call, your fancy, your favorite, your flavor?
is it a brand, a brew, a variety or a vintage?
does it involve unique ingredients, precision in proportions, or technique in preparation?
for the culinary assignment i am sharing my homemade fancy.
no top shelf bottles required. no shakers and strainers necessary.
ginger saké is neither complex nor extraordinary. it is not high end or trendy.
it doesn’t hang you over. it doesn’t blow your budget.

  • saké is not rice wine. saké is brewed from polished rice, a process more akin to making beer than making wine.
  • saké has no additives, no sulfites and no gluten. it has half the acidity of wine.
  • saké pairs with a wide range of foods. instead of competing with flavors of food, saké enhances them.
  • ginger essential oil contributes to good digestion and increases circulation. it is spicy, comforting and a well-known aphrodisiac.

ginger saké recipe:

750 mL traditional saké
1 drop ginger essential oil

  • while fine quality saké is best enjoyed cold- ginger saké is best enjoyed heated.
    buy the cheap stuff for this recipe
  • add one drop of ginger to the entire 750 mL bottle of saké and agitate gently
  • fill desired amount into a carafe (glass or ceramic)
  • immerse carafe in a pot of simmering water. never allow to boil
    (and please- never ever microwave your saké)
  • serve warm 2 -4 ounces at a time

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