cat attack!

an evening of fun and celebration turned vicious and hairy and as i became the victim of a

cat attack!

it was a beautiful evening.  the sun had just set and the sky turned midnight with a glow.  calvin, the overweight and foul tempered garfield wanna be, meandered through the garden.

i picked him up, as i often do, in an attempt to smother him with kindness and affection.

imagine a raucous clanging so loud it shatters your bones.  with great repeated enthusiasm, much like a child ringing a school bell to signify the start of summer, the instigator grabbed hold of the roped bell and swung it back and forth no less than ten times.    see exhibit A.


calvin, the perpetrator squealed in my arms, startled-terrified no doubt by the unwarranted disturbance.  he wriggled and meowed and clawed and tried to break free of my grasp.  i, just as startled as he, tried to let go as fast as i could, but i wasn’t fast enough.

this is just one view of many injuries sustained that evening, and i shant go on further with the gorey details.

cat scratches can be dangerous and can get infected quite easily.  in order to prevent the spread of any sort of infection i ran to my essential oil medicine cabinet!

essential oil first aid:

1.  clean the wound.

this particular evening i chose to use melaleuca for it’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  my husband’s grandmother, a former nurse, actually cleaned my multiple wounds for me.  she put a few drops of melaleuca essential oil on a cotton ball and dabbed at my scratches until the bleeding subsided.

2.  prevent infection.

melaleuca is a great first aid oil but i didn’t want to take any chances with a cat scratch, so after melaleuca, we applied the protecting essential oil blend in the form of a spray (approximately 5  drops of on guard oil per 1 oz of purified water).  there have been numerous laboratory studies about the efficacy of oils fighting all kinds of powerful viruses and bacteria including H1N1, e.coli, mRSA and more.  it is a great immune booster and i felt much more confident in my cat scratch treatment after applying this blend to my wounds.


a few days later i’m happy to report that my cat attack wounds are infection free and almost completely healed.

although calvin didn’t apologize i’ve decided i will still pick him up and carry him around the garden.



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