blank canvas final. by- theStephALA

what i learned from the blank canvas assignment:

did i finish my harp composition?  i’m sad to report that i did not.  i started off strong, in fact, i was very pleased with my work for the first two days of the assignment.  then, something happened:  i stopped showing up to work.

despite my failure to complete, or perhaps my success at maintaining the “blankness of my canvas”, i learned something important from the assignment this week:  when i don’t take the time to do my work i am only hurting myself.  does anyone really care that i didn’t complete the assignment?  the answer is no, not really.  do i care? yes.  and although it is sad and scary (perhaps even terrifying) to admit this, there are not an infinite amount of tomorrows left.

when am i going to “get serious”?  when are you?  hopefully not tomorrow because, as one of my favorite musicians, janis joplin, so wisely stated, “tomorrow never happens, man…”

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