dear adventure seeker-sentence exchange. -by theStephALA

1.  where it stops is where i start.

IS-where it stops

2.  what is more enticing than candy tinged with danger?

IS-candy dangeri suppose this photo needs an explanation…today while i was waiting in line at the local walmart photo counter, a mother and daughter stood ahead of me, waiting for their photos.  as the young girl waited with her mother, she munched on a snack…an unpaid for cup of popcorn shrimp.  i watched this girl (about 5-6 years old), consume no less than five baby shrimp, possibly more.  her mother responded in a demeaning tone:  “you don’t want shrimp!  go back and get the chicken!  go back and get the chicken!  i told you to go get the chicken.”  the mother then paid for her photos and she and her daughter purposefully abandoned this tainted cup of popcorn shrimp on the counter.

3.  please be my paper clip and keep me together.


4.  one part mindful and two parts playful.IS-mindul playful

5.  try to get smarter than jeopardy and richer than monopoly.

IS-smarter jeopardy monopolythis poor horned animal was neither.


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