adventureclub(interactive) is…a time capsule

time capsule- Eugene de Salignac


when i was in some grade in grade school we made a class time capsule. i have no idea what was put into it, no memory of burying or when it was to be dug up. truthfully, i can’t even be sure that we made a time capsule but i have a strong impression of falling in love with the idea. last year i taught at an elementary school. we didn’t make a time capsule but the experience with young children and group projects helps me to assume what my long ago time capsule project would have been like:

the teacher assigned every kid to bring something from home.
parents sent kids to school the next day with useless junk.
teacher cached the junk into a box.
kids spent an artful afternoon poorly painting signs of DO NOT OPEN until 2113.
the time capsule got buried in a shallow spot, soon forgotten, and probably dug up by the school gardener a year later.

anyway i probably don’t remember it all very well because although i fell in love with the idea but i probably didn’t like how it was a group effort. (we are all younger versions of ourselves throughout our lives. do we ever really change?) i like individual work. i don’t like putting my stuff with other peoples stuff. i like things that represent me instead of me and a whole class of kids.
i probably went home, consulted my best friend/next door neighbor, and convinced her to make our own time capsules. just our junk, we probably buried it deeply and-
although extremely determined and inspired-
i did forget about it.

as a teenager i fantasized about messages in bottles, Carl Sagan-esque contact with life on other planets and time travel. i wanted to leave things behind of myself, not just for future students at sunset elementary, but for people on other sides of oceans, or out in space, for farther away and for longer than a hundred years.

i am starting to make sense of this string of fascinations. i want to be remembered by something concrete that i can leave behind. i want to impart something that isn’t just the junk of the era. i want something created by me- to outlast me, to make sense of me, to be associated with me. you may be thinking of the obvious (and arguably overused) methods: have children, become famous or make a fortune and spread the wealth. but stay with me here. think along the lines of a time capsule. think: buried treasure. think: immortal. think: timeless.

i consider adventureclub(interactive) my time capsule. it’s a cache of individual works (mostly exclusive to me and theStephALA). it is our collection of inspirations and ideas and their consequential insights and interpretations. and i hope that someday we can put it into print. although cyberspace is an obvious medium for any modern time capsule i want adventureclub(interactive) to become a book so i can bury it or bottle it with  ceremony. and i will understand fully, what it is about myself and why it is (that i have always known) that i have to leave something behind. so i won’t forget about it.





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