adventureclub(interactive) is…le corps exquis.

photo (6)

if anyone recognizes this location, hats off to you!  during our pre-adventureclub days, this particular location was the home of many conversations about creative writing as well as many rounds of le corps exquis and cups of coffee.  here, papers and ideas passed back and forth across the table freely.  here we planted the seed that eventually became adventureclub.

in a sense, adventureclub is the exquisite corpse.  we toss words/phrases/ideas back and forth between us and eventually arrive at a completely new idea that neither one of us had fathomed prior to our meeting.

a sample meeting conversation may resemble the following completely fabricated dialogue…

acv:  do you have any ideas for our new assignment?
tsal:  no i have no ideas at all.
acv:  neither do i except i went to the zoo today.
tsal:  i’m wearing a shirt with stripes
acv:  should we do something with vintage paper straws?
tsal:  absolutely. 

if you’ve never played le corps exquis, i highly recommend that you do so.  play it with the right people and you’ll always blow your own mind.


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