adventureclub(interactive) is… trial and error.

as i sit in a local pizzeria, bouncing my leg angrily under the table at the lack of wifi, i catch sight of the following sign hanging from the front counter:


the only reason i decided to visit this establishment in the first place was my need for wifi…maybe I was a little hungry…but mostly the wifi. despite the arrival of our comcast equipment two days ago, the box remains unopened and i remain angry…but that’s another story.

back to being angry at the pizza place (usually i am a very laid back person, really!). the wifi worked just long enough for me to order a pizza and commit to one location. 5 minutes after i ordered, it quit. after an internal tantrum i calmed down and took that sign to heart. here it is again:


what does this have to do with adventureclub(interactive) and trial and error? i will tell you! there is always more than one way to do something and it pays to do whatever you are doing from a positive and genuine place. now i’m writing to you all from my cellphone. yes, this is taking me longer to type than it would if I were on a regular sized keyboard looking at a large computer screen, but hey, it’s doing the trick.

i can easily get stuck in a rut-i’m sure most people can. adventureclub helps me to think “outside the box” and break up my routines. each week there is a new idea, a new challenge, a new task, a new something to get excited about. some ideas and assignments work very well, some fall flatter than we would like but either way we strive to keep the spirit of change alive.

as the sign says, this is a journey! and like any great adventure, there may be a few bumps a long the way. adventureclub gives me the courage and determination to keep moving forward, backward and side to side. it’s ok to change direction, adapt and try-even in the face of error. it’s ok to release your expectations of what things should be and how things should go. this lack of wifi turned into a self realization experience. it made me breathe. and, i discovered that i like green olives on pizza.


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