visual antonyms gallery. by- adventureclubviral

fantasy- actualityfantasy / actuality

a personal fantasy of mine is to ride in a hot air balloon. i couldn’t help but get caught up in just such the fantasy- on window display at the apple store. i got to thinking that the dictionary definition of fantasy (anything that is not real, anything that is not the truth, and anything that is not accessible) is not exactly the opposite of  reality. i could probably come pretty close to realizing my hot air balloon fantasy on an iPad- at my fingertips i could reserve a ride in one or search out a video view from above in one… it is amazing to me the abilities of technology and communication that blur the lines between fantasy and actuality.


vital- useless:lifeless

vital / lifeless

this is a photograph of a lemon from my lemon tree. the word vital denotes something with life or something essential and important to the function of life.  this lemon, still hanging from the healthy tree, may not be completely dead but its life is… a lot less… than most of the other lemons on the tree.


quarantine- integration

quarantine / integration

photograph of marigolds that made it out of their plastic planters and into the ground. these marigolds are integrated in my garden whereas the basil seeds in the top corner of the photo are still quarantined- sectioned off in their germination pot- awaiting a sort of social soil liberation into the garden.


pedestrian- driver

pedestrian / driver

passing by the local gas station i noticed a disgruntled gentlemen underneath his car. presumably he was looking for a reason that he was not able to drive. i cannot be sure that he made the transition from being a driver to being a walker- but it seemed quite likely.


volition- serendipity

volition / serendipity

if volition is to enact your will on something- to make your own destiny… then its antonym is something akin to serendipity. this photograph represents serendipity- the phenomenon of finding something that you were not looking for. in this case- on my way out the door at a restaurant- the fish in the tank and i had a moment of seeking each other out without having sought each other out before…



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