visual thesaurus assignment- part II

visual thesaurus part II


do you still have your thesaurus handy from last week’s visual thesaurus assignment? keep it out. bring it back. go find one.
words that mean the same thing as other words was so synonymous with last week.
stop visualizing the same things.
start visualizing all the words that don’t mean the same thing as other words.

this week adventureclubinteractive would like to see how our words can be represented, defined and expressed through your pictures of their antonyms.
(check out the visual thesaurus assignment and then think of it as doing a headstand!)

every day, adventureclubinteractive will post a word and its definition.
completed assignments will include three pictures of antonyms for each word.
completed assignments may be submitted daily or in totality by sunday, april 28th.


please submit your masterpieces via email:
include a title and your name as authorship of your work and adventureclubinteractive will post the very best as they are received.  we look forward to sharing your adventures!


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