visual thesaurus assignment

visual thesaurus

image courtesy of (she has some amazing pieces on her blog, go check it out!)

do you sometimes find yourself in a word rut?  even the best of us do, and in instances like that, a thesaurus can be your best friend.  whether you are trying to sound more intelligent or just trying to expand your vocabulary, rush to your bookshelf and find your previously discarded roget’s thesaurus, or visit to have your mind blown with countless possible word substitutions: synonyms and antonyms galore!


this week adventureclubinteractive invites you, the adventure seeker, to participate in a visual thesaurus assignment.  each day we will post a word and a definition.  your assignment is to find or create three different images that represent a synonym of the original word.

please submit completed assignments via email:  include a title and your name as authorship of your work and adventureclubinteractive will post your masterpieces as they are received.  we look forward to sharing your adventures!


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