pictures in motion. -by theStephALA

the most difficult part of this week’s assignment was choosing what to video.  when you look at a photograph, depending on the photograph, you can spend a few seconds examining and absorbing the information or you can spend minutes, even hours. you control your viewing experience. you decide the value of the image and you, the viewer, decide how little or how much time to spend with it.

video is completely different.  the duration of your experience is set from the beginning, and unless you choose to stop and walk away, you commit yourself to watching for however many seconds, minutes or hours the video footage happens to be.

on the one hand, it is quite presumptuous to ask you, the viewer, to commit to watching the following video…on the other hand it is only 18 seconds long, and if you like neon colors, potatoes and sitar music, i’m sure you’ll dig it.


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