prose on exchange. adventureclub and adventureclubinteractive.

photo exchange 4.11

exchanging assignments.

do you ever wonder what is the point of following along with all the daily prompts, weekly challenges or adventureclubinteractive assignments anyway? what is there to have and to hold at the end of uploading, editing, and posting all the pictures and the writing, all the imagination and creation? this week, adventureclubviral and theStephALA have sealed and stamped a few of their pictures and a couple of their pages and sent them off to one another instead of posting them online. how refreshing is it to be able to send and receive, to share and compare- real evidence of hard work.

exchange is the essence of this site.
the origins of adventureclub and the evolution of adventureclubinteractive.  

adventureclubinteractive is like a child that grew up and got married. once upon a time it was merely, adventureclub. it adopted its surname, interactive, when it became- for better or for worse- bound in commitment to the service of another. a spouse that is a website with a domain name. a spouse not conveniently met in person. a spouse that demands adventureclub use the keyboard and not pen and paper. a spouse that prefers digital photos instead of printed ones.

things change when you get married. adventureclub has learned to adapt to a life with spouse interactive. but adventureclub was something of its own before the union. before it joined wordpress and the world wide web. more than a site, more than a blog, adventureclubinteractive was once upon a time, just a club.

the format has not changed much since matrimony. as always the members had weekly assignments in creative writing and photography. the difference is that completed assignments were shared once a week at live, face to face, in person adventureclub meetings. completed projects were touchable, tangible, physical works for the sharing and comparing with one another. when adventureclub went interactive, work had to be shared, compared and displayed on the website.

the creators of adventureclubinteractive always try to continue the organic exchange of their masterpieces when it is not possible to meet in person. adventureclub may have gained a last name but it always has its roots without one.



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