oil relief

 “the oil of surrendering pain”

wintergreen + camphor + peppermint + blue tansy + blue chamomile + helichrysum + osmanthus 

as the name suggests, deep blue is in fact, blue in color.  it is the kind of deep blue that you might find in the depths of the ocean, or the in the sky at twilight.  whether you have a broken heart or a pulled muscle, deep blue is the oil to comfort and soothe both your physical and emotional pain.

apply a few drops of deep blue topically to your area of discomfort and gently massage the oil into your skin.  this oil is mild enough that you can apply it directly to your skin “neat”, but you might want to consider diluting it in fractionated coconut oil  in order to cover a wider area of your body such as your entire leg or back.

is this blend for you?  well, do you ever find yourself with a knot in your neck or shoulder area?  have you ever run into a coffee table in the dark and badly bruised your shin?  do you or anyone you know suffer from:  arthritis, muscle tension and pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatism or head aches?  chances are yes.  deep blue assists your body to heal itself by reducing inflammation and actually encouraging your tissue to repair itself!

on an emotional level, this pain relief blend helps individuals accept their pain and allows them to realize that pain is not necessarily a bad thing, it is merely a teacher. deep blue allows us to remain clam and maintain mental clarity in the face of pain.

personal testimonial from theStephALA:

one month before i was supposed to get married, i decided to ski on inappropriately thin skis during one of the biggest powder days of the season.  halfway through the day, the tips of my skis dug into a huge mound of snow and stopped in their tracks while my body continued to twist and launch in the opposite direction.  

my knee hurt.  i’ve had knee injuries before, and visits to the doctor, mris, braces etc…my knee hurt terribly and my heart sank because i knew that this was the type of hurt that would send me to the doctor and put in me in a brace for a few weeks.  i did not want to wear an ugly knee brace to my wedding!  so, as soon as i got home i began applying the pain relief blend  every few hours.  the day of my injury i could barely stand on my one leg and my knee was  incredibly swollen.  by day two the pain and swelling decreased and by day three it was almost as if i had never hurt myself in the first place! 



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