pictures in motion assignment

antique video camera

photography that moves

adventureclubinteractive is a platform for expressing creative art.  weekly assignments generally involve using a camera or picking up pen and paper. the assignments always involve commitment, imagination and- of course- adventure.

this week adventureclubinteractive wants to see photographs take flight and hear words become musical or narrative. take the week to compose a short motion picture. perhaps put to use that neglected high-definition movie setting on your digital camera. take a video with your smart phone. use your editing software. maybe you adventure back through the technology black hole- bringing back to life a camcorder from the nineties. share the adventure. film with friends. cast your coworkers. feature family members.

there is no exclusive theme, format or genre required. explore your own inspiration and exhibit your own style. make a masterpiece through a new medium. learn a new lens. maybe you think of yourself as already pretty savvy with pictures in motion? prove it! this assignment is for idiots and geniuses alike.

please submit completed assignments via email: please include a title and your name as authorship of your work. adventureclubinteractive will post your masterpieces as they are received.


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