zen and digestion

 “the oils of digestion”

ginger + peppermint + tarragon + fennel + caraway + coriander + anise

this adaptogenic blend of oils helps rid the body of inflammation and synergistically works to establish equilibrium throughout the entire body. it has a comforting, deep, woody, barky, herbaceous and masculine essence. rub a drop into the bottoms of your feet or apply diluted in fractionated coconut oil to the belly in a mindful, clockwise motion. give this unique blend a chance and wear it as a fragrance near your throat. the smell catches on in a curious and appealing way.

this blend  tastes… well… masculine, herbaceous, barky and woody. it is no slice of lemon in your water but that is not to say that it is displeasing or difficult to ingest. add a drop to almond milk and drink prior to each meal or add a few drops to an empty capsule and ingest daily. taking this blend as a supplement supports overall digestive health. furthermore it has been shown to depress candida in the stomach while discouraging mold circulation and the existence of parasites.

aromatically, this is a powerful blend of oils for balancing the information and sensory overload that is our lives- literally- easing the digestion of the mind and aiding the transitions between thoughts and ideas. consider digestion as a process in direct proportion to cleansing. cleansing the mind is just as important as cleansing the physical body.



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