spring cleaning- wednesday. by- theStephALA

on wednesday night, the air felt thick and uncomfortable.  i felt troubled and bogged down in an invisible gloom that seemed to swallow me whole.  i imagine that feeling swallowed by an invisible gloom is similar to sinking into a pit of quicksand, however, if you find yourself in quicksand you must remain calm and make slow movements to escape.  with the invisible gloom you must act quickly and with purpose and chase it away lest it eat you alive.

springcleaningsmudgecollagetherefore, i donned my lion spirit hood and lit a flame, performing my own smudging ceremony to clear the energy of the house.  i walked around waving my smudge stick high and low, behind doors, under tables, by windows, in shadows, in light and in every nook and cranny that i could find.

at the conclusion of my ceremony, i felt much much lighter.


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