spring cleaning- tuesday. by- adventureclubviral


hot tub cleaning 1

i have to mention the following about the adventureclubinteractive spring cleaning assignment… obviously it is inspired by the time of the year and obviously it is a creative, exciting and adventurous endeavor (as all adventureclubinteractive assignments are…)

but truly- the assignment is inspired by a coincidence of parallel incidences… adventureclubinteractive creators (myself and theStephALA) have just moved into new homes! i am personally finding that spring cleaning is but a crack in the tip of an iceberg of a glacier. moving into a new house cleaning is the Arctic Circle of cracks and quirks and fissures and fixes…

today we set to work on the backyard hot tub. it had a leak that needed fixing. the previous occupants of my new home were either very dumb or very lazy because they lived for a long time with a brand new motor in a quality hot tub (probably) thinking that the leak was too expensive or too laborious a challenge. but we got it clean and working this afternoon. just in time for a cool spring night.




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