spring cleaning assignment

about this time every year the air begins to change and an energetic shift becomes more noticeable.  daylight lasts longer, birds chirp more brightly, and the flowers begin to poke their little heads out of the earth.  somewhere in a dark cave, a bear is rubbing his eyes and yawning a great big gigantic yawn of awakening.


spring is a time of rebirth and renewal.  a fresh start.  a clean slate.  a clearing away of the old and a shedding of the unnecessary.


this week adventureclubinteractive invites you to participate in spring cleaning and spring cleansing!  allow yourself to let go of somethings that you no longer need in order to make space for new beginnings.  clear the clutter off of your bed or desk, donate your unused clothes and items.  this may be the perfect time to release old habits that are holding you back.  quit eating junk food or smoking.  begin a daily meditation practice  or participate in a juice cleanse for a few days to recharge your system.


document your cleaning/cleansing experiences and share them with us!  include images/video/testimonials and remember to submit your masterpieces for the adventureclubinteractive weekly assignment via email by sunday april 7th: adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com.


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