the topic of applying topically.

100% pure coconut oil

do you understand that what you put on yourself… goes in your self?

consider for a moment how many things you apply topically to your body each and every day. consider your most recent shower and add it all up: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, exfoliator, shaving cream, in-shower lotion. add up what you had to put on after you rinsed all that off: after shower lotion, deodorant, face serum, face tonic,  moisturizer, sunscreen, hair spray, hair gel, makeup, powder, chap-stick, lipstick, aftershave, perfume, cologne, nail polish…

it is likely that your topical list is that long or longer. there is no shame in owning up to the arsenal of products we purchase and posses to make us look good on the outside. there might be shock though- if you never knew that the ingredients in all topical products (even when rinsed off) are absorbed into your skin and straight into your bloodstream.

all ingredients are ingested into the body. do you know what they are?

if you were cooking a meal, it’s unlikely that you would start adding random ingredients you had never before seen or tasted. perhaps it is worth thinking the same with the products that we treat our skin and hair to, our face and our feet, our teeth and our armpits. shouldn’t we know what those pores get to eat everyday?

if you have any doubts that something applied topically to your skin effects physiological systems, consider the varied use of transdermal patches. these medicated, adhesive patches (a steadily growing $3 billion industry) offer an alternative form of dosage. whether for birth control, Parkinson’s disease or pain relief, the patch is a simple, no-nonsense way to administer drugs through the skin, the bodies largest organ with an endless number of pores as orifices.

transdermal nicotine patchtake for example the nicotine patch. does it work? why does it work for some people and not all people trying to quit? probably there is just too much involved in the addiction to smoking (oral fixation, personality types, other addictive additives and chemicals, etc.) to prove one method as an infallible aid for someone that wants to quit. no myth or statistic however can debunk the fact that when this transdermal patch is used- nicotine is being transferred through the skin and into the blood. even those who found no long term success with the nicotine patch will likely have experienced many days or weeks of success with the aid of the patch (especially compared to not using it). they will likely admit that they “didn’t even want one” when wearing the patch. well that is because they were getting many of them delivered constantly through their skin into their cells, temporarily sustaining those insistent receptors of craving.

adventureclubinteractive has been posting information about essential oils every week. we believe that applying exotic, fruity, flowery, flavorful, therapeutic, relaxing, stimulating, protective, healing, bright, and beautiful fragrances to your skin, your body, the air, or the surfaces of your home can be an adventure. choosing quality products- with pure and pronounceable ingredients- is an adventure. taking a closer look at products- determining their safety and effectiveness- is an adventure.

apply essential oils with fractionated coconut oil

fractionated coconut oil (fractionated means that the fat has been separated and removed leaving only the oil which remains liquid at room temperature). it absorbs easily into the skin and does not stain clothing. adding a drop of essential oil to a few drops of fractionated coconut oil makes for a luxurious lotion or massage oil, perfume or rub. as per the topic of applying topically- there is no better way to get the good stuff into your skin than this carrier oil.


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