the doors assignment.

door construction 4

the doors assignment:

photograph unusual, exceptional, odd and interesting doors. submit your most creative door photography throughout the week via email: please title your door photography and feel free to add a description about your interpretative photo. submissions will be accepted through sunday, march 31st.

consider the synonymous:

entrance. exit. outlet. pathway. gateway. screen. closure. portal. casement. hatch. escape.

consider the associations:

door to door. outdoors. cellar door. doorknob. trapdoor. doorbell. doorjamb. sliding door. open door policy. door key. doorstep. secret door. screen door. locked door.

consider the meanings:

behind every door there is an adventure. as one door opens another door closes. get your foot in the door. in through the out door. show him the door. slam the door in his face!


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