daily prompt: competition

chess competition copy

in (alternative) regards to the daily prompt, i have decided to respond that chess is the form of competition that does NOT really bring out my competitive streak. competition involves striving for an achievement, a goal, a victory. fundamentally too, competition involves a rivalry.

for me, there is no better rival than my own self. and don’t get me wrong: i love team sports and interactive games, tournaments and head to head matches. no less do i enjoy activities involving prize or profit. i step naturally with the strive to win and the will to compete.

the thing is i like chess. i don’t like playing it with myself. chess is humbling as it is frustrating. it does not bring out a fierce competitive streak in me because it is virtually impossible to achieve chess, to master chess… to accomplish chess. you can play endlessly you can improve and progress personally. you can get better at beating other people.


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