other ways to oregano

“the oil of humility and non-attachement”

“trust me, cheech, this is oregano. the only thing getting baked with that herb is lasagna.”

oregano! the culinary herb, the pizza topping, the household plant… beloved, common, essential and versatile…! adventureclubinteractive invites you to explore another way to apply oregano- natures most powerful antioxidant and essential oil- to your life…

with its tangy, spicy, and lingering warm fragrance- most are unaware that the oregano plant is from the mint family. the essential oil of oregano is steam distilled from the leaves of the plant.  the oil is an extremely effective antibiotic. it is antifungal, antiparasitic, antiseptic, antiviral, and an immune stimulant.

if you find yourself coming down with an ailment- whether the common cold or a serious lung infection- by loosening phlegm it can can calm coughing spells. immediately begin to apply a few drops of oregano to the bottoms of your feet. repeat every few hours as ailments persist.

oregano essential oil treats athlete’s foot and other fungal infections, warts, skin tags, psoriasis and canker sores. apply topically to the site of the infection. oregano stimulates the stomach and the appetite. it may even cure your hiccups!

take CAUTION because oregano is a hot oil. when applying oregano, dilute with a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil.

take oregano essential oil internally (place 2-3 drops in an empty gel capsule) for immune support, to combat candida, intestinal parasites, mRSA, pneumonia, staph infections and more.

energetically, oregano helps to remove blockages and clear negative energy.  oregano allows us to release negative attachments and materialism, and live in non-attachement. oregano is also very relaxing and may help some combat sleeplessness or insomnia.



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