12:38 saturday & sunday. by- theStephALA

12:38pm saturday.  i drove over an hour to get here.  i made it all the way to campus without getting lost!  i sang my five songs: 1 french, 1 german, 1 italian, 1 latin, 1 english and i headed home.  sametime1238pm5

12:38am sunday.  i sit watching a move that is beyond ridiculous and completely inane.  i should go to bed but at the moment i am too worked up and upset so i stay up and i watch tv to numb my own feelings.  my favorite yoga teacher once said that tv is for people who don’t want to feel.  tonight i agree, and that is precisely why i am watching.


12:38pm sunday.  on the mountain with my dad.  what a blustery day!  the wind blew from every possible direction.  it was beautiful.



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