12:38 wednesday. by- adventureclubviral

same time different day wednesday


this afternoon at 12:38 i was parallel parking my car2go. if you- or the city you live in- are not familiar with the car2go program it might be worth a few clicks past this post to investigate. the company provides a fleet of electric cars, scattered throughout the city for members to use. on my way out the door i pulled up the car2go app and it located a vehicle a block away for me. i scanned my membership card on the car and drove to work!  i can park the car2go in any metered spot without paying. i can leave it there for the next member in need of one or i can reserve it for the rest of the afternoon and know it is waiting for me. fully insured, energy efficient and community shared! when i don’t ride my bike or when it is raining i just… car2go!


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