apply melaleuca “tea tree” essential oil


experience melaleuca.

“the oil of energetic boundaries”

melaleuca, or “tea tree” is a well-known and widely-used favorite essential oil. it is one of the safest, most versatile, effective and fast-acting remedies that nature has to offer.

the aborigines have been using melaleuca for centuries. it comes from the leaves of a tree- from the myrtle family- not to be confused with the bush that black tea comes from. interestingly, when captain james cook and his crew craved an herbal refreshment, they chose the leaves from the tree, found in swampy regions. the name tea tree has stuck around since. melaleuca available on the market today will be steam distilled from the leaves of the tree. it has a strong, fresh, clean, earthy, herbaceous, medicinal essence. aromatically it is a base note that blends well with cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary and thyme.

melaleuca works energetically as an emotional enhancer and equalizer. it clears negative energy and strengthens self-confidence. it assists those that need to let go of parasitic relationships, to synergistically break ties with negative, energy-depleting relationships in order to make space for healthy relationships to develop.

physically, melaleuca is antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, astringent, insecticidal, tissue regenerative, immune-boosting, anti-oxidant, and decongestant. a fast-acting tonic and astringent, it is a must-have in any first-aid kit. melaleuca can soothe burns and kill the growth of infectious diseases- safe enough to use on children. it is a repellent for fleas and ticks from pets.


apply 1-2 drops of melaleuca to disinfect an open wound, cut or scrape.

acne:  fill a small spray bottle with purified water and 10 drops of melaleuca.  mist your face a few times a day.

apply a few drops topically 2-3x per day to combat athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.

for a more natural approach to fighting yeast infections, soak a tampon in a small amount of fractionated coconut oil with approximately 3-5 drops of melaleuca.  insert nightly for a week or until symptoms clear.

add 3-5 drops to shampoo to combat dandruff.

for energetic clearing, inhale throughout the day or place one drop under your tongue.


would you like to try melaleuca for yourself?  please contact us at for more information.


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