spotlight on religion. by- nony

SONY DSCHeadline: Pope Resigns, The Bible premiers on History Channel, and other News on Religion. by- nony

They bring to mind the late Carl Sagan’s book,”Broca’s Brain”, wherein a 19th century surgeon collected and studied cadaver brains hoping to understand human behavior. It appears that the human brain is an amalgamation of human experiences during the evolutionary process. In other words, babies are not born with a blank slate, but with the proclivities hardwired in the brain from “knowledge” gained by ancestors from time immemorial. Otherwise, newborns will not have the capacity to learn language as an example.

This may explain why humans are attracted to religion despite progress in science answering most questions formerly answered with superstition. In the quest for survival, humans relied not on brawn but mostly on exploration using questions and answers. Unsolved mysteries are answered by a superhuman in the God catalog. This answer has become part of the “knowledge” bank passed on through generations and become part of Broca’s Brain.

Carl Sagan offered an explanation for near-death experiences and religion to one common human experience: Birth.


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