apply frankincense essential oil

perhaps frankincense brings to mind the smoky, the mystical, the spiritual, or the enlightened.  perhaps the nose knows frankincense as incense, as resin or as smoke at sunday mass. the historical memory may associate it with ancient egypt or three wise men with gifts for the baby jesus. to the contemporary minded, frankincense is timeless and precious: meditative for the mind and medicinal for the body…

frankincense comes from the bark of the boswellia tree. the essential oil is produced through steam distillation of the resin. the fragrance is spicy, woody, rich, deep, warm and balsamic. in contrast to burning frankincense, the oil has a sweeter, cleaner attitude- to most noses- a more pleasing smell. as a base note,  it is a fantastic fixative in perfumery because it is still light. frankincense blends well with any other fragrance.

a holy oil in the middle east, frankincense was traditionally used in ceremonies to help improve communication with the creator. diffuse or apply frankincense to focus energy, minimize distraction, improve self awareness. pure frankincense is grounding, calming, and relaxing without being sedating. apply frankincense to the third eye for clarity.

the light yellow oil evaporates slowly and is unmatched to most beauty products as a skin tonic. it combats signs of aging and wrinkles. safe enough to apply neat (without dilution) to the skin, frankincense helps heal wounds, stop hemorrhaging, treat herpes, sores, insect and snake bites. because pure essential oils are capable of permeating the body at the cellular level, frankincense is effective medicine for an arsenal of ailments such as asthma, hyperactivity, bronchitis, respiratory problems, sciatic pain, tuberculosis, typhoid, cancer, tonsillitis, nervous conditions, high blood pressure and the common cold.

consider adding frankincense to your medicine cabinet, beauty bar or aroma diffuser. adventureclubinteractive is a staunch supporter of only the purest essential oils.  contact us for more information.


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