sentence exchange assignment.


the sentence exchange assignment is a favorite of the creators of adventureclubinteractive.  this particular assignment emerged out of a desire to collaborate and work together to create a joint masterpiece.


 “as it fell it made a terrible sound, not quite audible, but deafening.” –sentence courtesy of theStephALA

I.S.3-As It Fell-CC

photo interpretation courtesy of adventureclubviral

the sentence exchange assignment– adventureclubinteractive will post one sentence each day for your consideration.  let this sentence be your inspiration for the day.  interpret this sentence however you like:  take a photo of the sentence, write a song using the sentence, write a story or play driven by the sentence or even create a dance interpretation if you like!

adventureclubinteractive will post your sentence exchange interpretations as they are received.  please submit your completed assignments daily or in totality by sunday, february 24th    via email:


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