odd opposites. create versus collapse. by- adventureclubviral

we create things constantly. of significance or unimportance. things memorable or forgettable, novel or useless. every waking moment we are processing thoughts and generating ideas. every day we stand up out of bed and start to move, the potential of all our ideas- all those intentions and notions- become kinetic energy. as the body wakes up it is able to create things- guiding all those thoughts through all the mediums of life. so in one sense, by definition: to create is to express.

so the opposite of this definition of create is to collapse. when the head grows heavy and the mind gets tired, we retreat back to the bed. the imagination starts to wind down, the mind becomes quiet, knowing that the body must rest from the occupation of creating things all day.

the photoshopped photographs are of myself in motion and at rest. respectively, states of creation and collapse. i got to (so briefly!) experience the sensation of anti-gravity yoga and it was really inspiring! i was so impressed with the possibilities of positions you can create with your body in a stretchy hammock. and that you can simply collapse into it and relax.



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