odd opposites. strong versus submissive. by-adventureclubviral

i thought of the opposite of strong in terms of posture. i have been reading about postural development and learned that it takes place a lot slower in human bodies than i would have imagined. development takes place from the head downward, as infants you learn to hold your the weight of your head at about three to four months old and when you begin to walk, in the first year of you life, the primary curve starts to form. at three years old the bottom spine starts to become concave. the lumbar curve in the spine is not fully developed until we are about ten years old. as adults when we stand tall and erect, conscious of lengthening the curves in our spine- we feel, thus we appear- strong. when we go to sleep we curl up into that balled up position, naturally recreating the spine of our infancy and innocence. relaxed and submissive.

anyway, regarding the photographs, i went to visit the sea lions at the beach and watched them do a lot of nothing. occasionally one would lift its head and flop around. observing the curvature in the belly and the back of a sea lion as it takes movement on the shore, i decided that the ones that actually got up and moved around looked strong to me. the rest continued to lie there, unprotected, seeming unconscious, seeming unaware… the opposite of strong… they looked submissive.


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