odd opposites. strong versus soft. by-theStephALA

IMG_8712soft.  occasionally soft can be mistaken for weak. but just because someone or something is soft does not mean that this particular someone or something is weak.

is soft the opposite of strong?  maybe, but maybe not.  if you are a strong person does that mean you don’t have a soft side?   perhaps you hide it.  as stated so eloquently in the very wise and well known film, the big lebowski, “strong men also cry.”

this stuffed, plush, pillow pet of a bee is just one of many bee expressions.  can a bee be ferocious and strong and even deadly?  you bet.  can a bee appreciate and savor the loveliness of a flower?  i think so.  does this bee want to be your friend? for life!  can this bee still kick your ass?  i’d rather not find out…


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