the odd opposites assignment

what is an opposite?

existence depends on nonexistence. no matter the reason for existence- the fact that something exists- fundamentally means that it is not nonexistent. it is hard to argue that an opposite to existence is nothing more than its absence.

mindful of this absolution- let’s go beyond it.  let’s try to understand opposites as more than two opposing things. more than contrast and more than polarity. more than duality. more than an inversion and much more than a reversal.  instead let’s pay attention to the balance between things. the coexistence of things. the harmony. the symbiotic partnership. perhaps imagining existence in a relationship with nonexistence instead of in opposition to it. and let’s ask ourselves: is the opposite of something finite? is the opposite really so obvious?

this week, adventureclubinteractive invites you to consider the opposite of certain concepts beyond what your initial instinct tells you. consider the opposite of black as something other than white. consider the opposite of war as something other than peace. consider the opposite of happiness. does it necessarily, automatically, truly equate to sadness? or is there something more…

the odd opposites assignment– adventureclubinteractive will post one word each day for your consideration. choose a word that represents it opposite. be playful, thoughtful, and novel in your selection. aim against the obvious. express our word and your word with photographs, perhaps side by side. explain the relationship between the two words with an interesting paragraph. describe the balance between two things. express their coexistence.

adventureclubinteractive will post your odd opposites ideas as they are received.       please submit your completed assignments daily or in totality by sunday, february 17th    via email:




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