challenge: organize your opposites

opposites are everywhere in daily life. often, opposites present themselves in the most simple ways- taking the form of daily choices and random decisions. we compare and contrast opposite things all the time, often unaware of the process.

we choose to put on right shoe before left shoe on the way out the door. we choose cereal instead of making eggs. one day we apply an earthy perfume of bottom notes- like vetiver or sandalwood. the next day we spray ourselves in top notes- like lemon or tangerine.

and then sometimes the choices and decisions we face and must make- require serious consideration. where to go on vacation? what to invest money in? take the job or quit a job? and so on. opposites can be daunting. opposites create challenges.

so live up to the challenges of decision making and the opposites you face in your life.  challenge your opposites by organizing them! reacquaint yourself with the good old grade school Venn diagram. use a simple Venn diagram to organize a set of choices. prepare to be impressed by the power of logic as a function of illustration. below is an adventureclubinteractive completed example.

venn diagram copy
venn diagram


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