iMADge LIBS. by- adventureclubviral

The Situation. The Bad News. by- adventureclubviral

  Yesterday woman mad libs told me the news.  It was not what I wanted to hear.

woman mad libs has a big head in hands mad libs   The news spread like

wagon mad libs  It trickled down the wires and marched down the streets.  It chilled

me to the bone mad libs.  I seriously got cold, physically cold, and I had to put on a

wetsuit mad libs to feel better.  But I didn’t feel better.  Each additional layer made me feel

more and more sad mad libs.

The news was rotten.  The news was about woman mad libs’s  pet mad libsand the

news smelled like expletive mad libs.  Poor pet mad libs had not eaten in three

days and she continued to lose teeth mad libs.  They would fall mad libs

out in her mouth and drip down when she drooled. woman mad libs  feared that soon,

pet mad libs would have no teeth mad libs  left at all.

“What do you think I should do?”  woman mad libs asked me.

“I think you should go see a veterinarian.”

But veterinarians are unknown art and neither woman mad libs nor I had the

amount of money that a trip to the veterinarian required.

“Are you collecting the teeth mad libs ?”  I asked.

woman mad libs shook her head yes.

“Don’t tell angry bird mad libs he will sell them at once!”  I said.

I felt truly sick hearing mad libs about the situation.

“Come on, I’ll show them to you.”  woman mad libs gestured.

I followed, reluctantly.


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