featured essential oil- apply vetiver

featured- vetiver essential oil

vetiveria zizanoides

 “the oil of centering and descent”

“people part company over vetiver… some like vetiver, some find it awful…”

pluck a person, any person off the street, any street and chances are they haven’t even a guess as to what vetiver is. so lucky for the followers of adventureclubinteractive- today is the day to learn something new about something new. adventureclubinteractive wants to share a few facts about a precious, often unknown and truly underrated essential oil called vetiver. perhaps you will realize you were in need of a little vetiver in your life all along and you will go out and sample it, use it, love it, never live again without it. or perhaps, as the saying goes, you will smell it, try it and hate it… no matter… for this featured oil is a bit of a departure from more traditional essences, but just as essential to any adventureclubinteractive-inspired medicine cabinet.

vetiver comes from the roots of a tropical grass. approximately one thousand pounds of earth must be uprooted to collect a single pound of root material. the oil is then steam distilled from the roots and a heavy, bitter, earthy, rich, woody, exotic, complex, musty, spicy, deep, dark, full aroma is produced.  vetiver has a higher viscosity than most essential oils. it’s density, coupled with its complexity of odor, makes one single drop go the extra mile.

vetiver is a grounding oil, it helps us to feel more rooted in the physical world and allows us to connect with how we truly think and feel. it supports those who have lost touch. vetiver is a feminine oil and thus with a feminine flair, vetiver allows us to discover and uncover the root of emotional issues. it is not an oil of avoidance. vetiver helps us discover the deeper layers of ourselves and grounds us to the present moment.  it helps to normalize extreme sensitivity or insensitivy and helps us to balance mental and physical energy. vetiver is the sexual peacemaker of essential oils. it is useful for exhausted women and useful for insensitive, restless men.

vetiver is an exceptional, versatile base note oil in perfumery for men and women to wear alike. vetiver combines especially well with sandalwood, geranium, orange, ylang-ylang and rose. sometimes vetiver is known as the “moth oil” for its moth repellent properties. versatile indeed! from perfumery to moths- it is hard to describe vetiver and again- you may just love it or be somewhat repelled by it…

vetiver is extremely beneficial for the skin- regeneratively, it balances the sebaceous glands and acts on deep layers where aging skin loses fat content, causing outer layers to sag. it helps minimize stretch marks and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. it is safe to apply neatly to the skins surface, but may be diluted in vegetal oil if any contact sensitivity occurs.

vetiver may also be applied to alleviate muscle spasms and aid stiff joints. diffusing vetiver into the air can be helpful for sleeplessness or insomnia. vetiver is a good focus oil- especially for children lacking the attention span to study. vetiver can help regulate appetite and has been shown to increase the production of white blood cells and boost the immune system. similarly it has been shown to stimulate the production of red blood cells, improving circulation.


if you are interested in sampling or purchasing the highest quality vetiver, contact us for more information.


do you have questions, comments, concerns? do you want to learn more?

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