iMADge LIBS story: The Situation. The Bad News.

The Situation. The Bad News.

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Yesterday, (proper noun #1) told me the news.  It was not what I wanted to hear.  (Proper noun #1) has a big (noun).   The news spread like (noun).  It trickled down the wires and marched down the streets.  It chilled me to the (noun).  I seriously got cold, physically cold, and I had to put on a (noun) to feel better.  But I didn’t feel better.  Each additional layer made me feel more and more (adjective).

The news was rotten.  The news was about (proper noun #1)’s (pet) and the news smelled like (explicative).  Poor (proper noun #2) had not eaten in three days and she continued to lose (noun #1).  They would (verb) out in her mouth and drip down when she drooled.  (Proper noun #1) feared that soon, (proper noun #2) would have no (noun #1) left at all.

“What do you think I should do?”  (proper noun #1) asked me.

“I think you should go see a veterinarian.”

But veterinarians are (adjective) and neither (proper noun #1) nor I had the amount of money that a trip to the veterinarian required.

“Are you collecting the (noun #1)?”  I asked.

(Proper noun #1) shook her head yes.

“Don’t tell (proper noun #3), he will sell them at once!”  I said.

I felt truly sick (verb-ing) about the situation.

“Come on, I’ll show them to you.”  (proper noun #1) gestured.

I followed, reluctantly.


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