assignment: iMADge LIBS

IMG_0652 mad libs…mad lips…ad libitum

open to interpretation!  this week adventureclubinteractive invites you to participate in a favorite childhood game with a new twist:  iMADge LIBS.

adventureclubinteractive knows you’ve played this game before, however, this week instead of substituting words, we will substitue images.


read the story:  “The Situation.  The Bad News.” go out and take photos to complete the missing blanks. your pictures are your words! insert photos into the story, substituting a picture of a noun for a noun, a picture of a verb for a verb…etc…

traditional mad libs are played in partners. consider finding a fellow adventure seeker to play. don’t show them the story but instruct them to take pictures of the respective amount of nouns, verbs and expletives.

let your images speak for you! if you feel a little lost in the clouds about this assignment please email

IMG_0655 (1)

we would love to see your completed work!   email your completed story to by sunday, february 10th for consideration as our featured seeker.



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