the velveteen tree. by- theStephALA

IMG_8300“oh how i long to be a real tree.  last christmas i overheard a fascinating story about a stuffed rabbit that became REAL!  miraculously transformed by the power of love.  i wish someone would love me that much.   i wonder what a love like that feels like…

i am the recipient of temporary love, if you can even call it that.  a product of strange ritual of mostly forgotten origin.  even i don’t know why they bring me out each year, but i do love to be on display again.  i love to be wrapped in lights and dressed in bows with beautiful shining adornments on each of my branches.  i love to bring cheer and spirit and smiles to my people.  but sadly i know my glory won’t last.  soon i will be stuffed in a box again.  forgotten.

oh how i long to be a real tree!  to smell of fresh pine!  to dig my roots into the earth and grow as tall as the sky!  i just need someone to love me a little bit more…”

-the velveteen tree


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