tree-D-D (and HDTV?) by- adventureclubviral


on behavioral symptoms of tree-D-D and a branch pointing at HDTV as the root cause…

“i don’t know where to grow sometimes. isn’t it obvious, you see, my branches twist both north and south, both east and west? they say i am supposed to grow up tall, point towards the sun… as you can see i have grown in many different directions over the years and they say i could have been taller, could have been healthier- if only i could have focused on one direction. but i get so distracted…

i have looked in on windows all my life. while i shaded them from the sun they brightened me with that brilliant blue glow in return. the glow of beautiful boxes, filled with bright lights, fleeting images, and flickering fantasies. those people in those windows have no idea how much we trees too enjoy their televisions. sometimes i stoop down quite low in the night and tune in. sometimes i don’t pick myself back up from watching… for many days, many months. they say this is why some of my branches point down instead of up. and as the boxes get flatter, thinner, slimmer, more pixelated, more florescent, more fantastic… i spend more time tuning in and less time growing up…


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