tree on the edge. by- adventureclubviral


just in! rare! never seen before! excerpt from an epistle written by a tree to a photographer!

…You did a pretty good job on me. I like the way you enhanced the red my background and brightened the green in my foreground. The opposition of stop and go- the impression of being stuck on one side of me and then free on the other. I have been photographed thousands upon thousands of times. I am surveyed constantly around the clock. I am a beacon of descent and departure. I am among memories of flight tucked up inside memories of freedom. I am a home stretch, stretched between old homes and new homes. I am a tree on the edge of two worlds. I stand tall between them, leaning neither this way nor that, my posture speaks my posturing as such: I have no judgement of these worlds. I simply observe. My roots took hold between these two worlds long before they meant so much in contrast to one another. I did not choose to be born on the border. I did not choose to be the specimen that I am, the backdrop object that I appear to be, nor the subject of ¬†millions of desperate faces, searching gazes, passing glances, or camera lenses. I am writing to thank you for the honesty in your photograph. Because it is not a peaceful picture. Mine is not a peaceful life here on the edge.

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