challenge: the five year journal



one journal one line a day X five years = adventureclubinteractive challenge

perhaps you have heard of a five year journal? have you ever taken five years to complete one? adventureclubinteractive is posting this to remind you there is no time like the present!  here is to encouraging fellow adventure seekers all over the world wide web to clear a space by your bedside or at your desk and start writing for the next five years! of course, sharing anything that goes in your five year journal is optional and not particularly recommended. this journal is for your eyes only.

so what is a five year journal? does is sound daunting to write for five years? it may be easier than you think, but the recipe for this challenge does call for a pinch of commitment. essentially it is a journal with three hundred and sixty five pages- one for each day of the year. the pages are divided into five blank spaces. the idea is to write one sentence every single day of the year. when the year is up you get to do it all over again, alongside  sentences from the previous year. and so on. after five years you will have a collection of significant or insignificant one liners about whatever the theme or lack of a theme you wrote daily about. 

consider the many variations of this challenge. is it too easy? try writing a paragraph every day. don’t think you’re one liners are interesting enough? try stealing them from your kids. keep a five year journal- one for each child- and write something about them everyday. don’t want to purchase another journal that you’ll probably ignore and leave blank? true, this challenge is not unique to the market. you can drop $10 on a ready made five year journal but why not make your own! investing a little time (labeling 365 pages and dividing into 5 portions of blank space) may inspire the initial enthusiasm to get started! 


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