scavenger hunt- discarded.

Imagediscarded. by- adventureclubviral.

photo of a common object… typical vessel in which you discard things…discarded. this object has been in this driveway for at least three months. i used the selective color effect not to hide any blemishes, rust or rot or wear and tear that might be expected on this sort of discarded object. actually it exists in immaculate condition. as though somebody takes care of it for reasons unknown.

IMG_8141discarded.  by- theStephALA

i try to discard things on a regular basis.  i have too much.  it is a common problem i think.  today i discarded this:  a broken mouse, trick or treat sized play dough, popcorn kernels (most likely genetically modified), tea (with too many ingredients to be actual tea), a baking dish, pencils and an assortment of corduroy pants.  discarded.


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